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USB 2.0 to DVI/HDMI/VGA Adapter 1920x1080 Link Up to 6 Simultaneous Displays with Audio OutPut


* PC through USB2.0 connect input to these device and output through HDMI connect to HDTV(High Definition Television).
* Fully support LCD Monitor and LCD TV with HDMI input.
* Resolution including start from VGA Mode to Full HD (High Definition) Mode totals 15 kinds for your selection.
* Primary Mode, Mirror Mode, Extend Mode, and Screen Rotation Mode selection.
* Build in 2.1ch Stereo Sound effect output.
* Earphone Jack or act as a Line out to Amplifier makes sound effect full and rich.
* Microphone.
* Low Power Consumptions, only USB power input, no external power adapter requirement.
* Hot Plug device and monitor detection after driver installation.
* Microsoft Windows OS and Mac OS support.
* Mobility and easy installation.