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Protect your workstations from hardware failure, viruses/malware, and file corruption.


When a computer crashes you are faced with expensive, disruptive downtime and the risk of permanent data loss. Now you can fully restore an entire system in minutes and get back to work! Acronis Backup for PC is the most effective solution for complete PC protection. We combine easy-to-use tools with unique backup technology to provide the fastest, easiest recovery available.


  • Patented disk imaging captures entire systems in one easy step
  • Restore corrupted files, crashed applications, or a full system with a few simple clicks
  • Back up your PCs to several safe locations (including our secure, off-site cloud storage)
  • Restore an entire PC to new, different hardware without worrying about incompatibilities
  • Save on time and storage with incremental backups and compression


Not an IT expert? Acronis Backup for PC was designed to make backup and recovery exceptionally easy!


  • Installation and configuration procedures require almost zero learning curve
  • Smart backups remove the guesswork by capturing everything required for complete PC recovery
  • Smart reboot features help your employees recover their own systems on the fly
  • Automated backups keep track of changes without interrupting any workflows